Home assistant mqtt username password

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Part of the Mosquitto setup was to add a user to Home Assistant , which I did. Let's call that user user- mqtt and pass- mqtt for the password . Also, within the Mosquitto setting in ...
So, we enabled MQTT for our Shelly, but we still need to integrate that to our Home assistant . To make this happen you eed to create a yaml file. I like to split my config and make it easier to To make this happen you eed to create a yaml file.
How to setup Home-Assistant MQTT with username & password The following setting in configuration.yml connects to a local mosquitto MQTT broker using username and password: configuration.yml 📋 Copy to clipboard ⇓ Download mqtt: broker: "" username: "homeassistant" password: "iraughij3Phoh7ne9Aoxingi2eimoo" Complete configuration.yml:
There is a Home Assistant component available ... true start_type automatic keepalive_interval 300 cleansession true bridge_protocol_version mqttv311 remote_username [email protected] remote_password The settings can be found in your MQTT configuration in Home Assistant , enter the credentials etc. Username : from HA Password : from HA Server: your HA IP address
client_id string (Optional) The client ID that Home Assistant will use. Has to be unique on the server. Default is a randomly generated one. keepalive integer (Optional) The time in seconds between sending keep alive messages for this client. Default is 60. protocol string (Optional) Protocol to use: 3.1 or 3.1.1.